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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 21, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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nearby. there was a strong police presence, police were able to talk with him on a cell phone, and eventually he did come out. >> the comment being made that it wouldn't go well if they found me, the fact he possibly had a gun and he was basically on a school campus in the middle of our downtown, you know, we have to take all the measures, take the abundance of caution and make sure that the kids are safe, that the public is safe and. that our officers are safe as well. >> reporter: tiburon police say that they were able to make contact with the man's family, again, who was concerned a gun may have been missing. but that gun was actually located. so it's not missing at all. san rafael police, again, saying they're just glad this situation turned out safely. we're told the man will not be charged. instead, his mental health will be evaluated. reporting live in san rafael, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. happening now in france, two americans being hailed as
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heroes for subduing a gunmanrg a high-speed train. they were marines in civilian clothing. the pentagon confirming one u.s. service member seriously wounded. two passengers were also hurt. the train was traveling from amsterdam to paris when a gunman fired a handgun and attacked with a knife. he also had an automatic rifle. french authorities say the outcome could have been much worse. the suspected gunman identified as a 26-year-old man from morocco. police in the east bay on alert for someone month broke into an officer's car and got away with a police badge and service gun. it happened around 8:00 this morning at point isabelle in richmond. officers haven't found the suspect. anyone who saw anything is asked to contact the east bay regional police district department. for the second day in a row, a blood bath on wall street. and today was even worse than yesterday. the dow plunged more than 500
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points. and bay area tech stocks were hit hardest. scott budman is here to explain what's going on. >> reporter: tech companies here in silicon valley do a whole lot of business over in china, and with the slow down of the chinese economy, investors are worried about our bottom line. which led to a black friday for your money.l5 for the second day in a row, stocks were clobberede. the dow down 531 points. the market suffering its worst week since the teeth of the 2008 financial crisis. concerns about the chinese economy, coupled with swooning oil prices, led to wall street worries. >> we have all these things converging that are creating a lot of uncertainty right now. and the stock market does not like uncertainty. >> that is mcdonald's. >> reporter: as bay area investors check to the numbers, they saw red. apple, down 6%. netflix, down 7.5%.
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facebook down 5%.!ñ but most say they'll hang in there. >> not really worried, honestly. tend to do base investments. >> not panicked. this is just a blip. >> reporter: blip or not, stock watchers say what goes up always comes down, at least temporarily. >> you can't just have a market that keeps going straight up. we had that before, and we all know what happened. >> reporter: yes, we do. so the big question now, what happens to your money starting next week? we put that question to a financial planner. we'll have his best guess coming up tonight at 6:00. back to you. >> okay, thank you very much. firefighters are still keeping an eye on hot spots after aúp massive warehouse fi broke out overnight. flames ripped through the al co metal and iron building after 11:00. it's on the north side in vallejo. the time crews got there, the building collapsed. embers started nearby grass fires as well. the fires are out.
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crews are staying close just in case of any flare-ups. the fire is 70% contained tonight, and firefighters have lifted all evacuation orders. as you know, the fire broke out wednesday between livermore and tracy. off tesla road. flames charred 2500 acres and destroyed an abandoned building. crews plan to stay on scene over the weekend to put out any ho¤ spots. she opened the first license medical marijuana dispensary in the nation after a decades-long legal battle, a marin county woman may finally be allowed to reopen her business. a federal judge in san francisco heard arguments this morning on the permanent injunction against lynnette shaw. nbc bay area's mark matthews was in the courtroom, and joins us from downtown fairfax where the woman hopes to get back into the marijuana business. >> reporter: fairfax is one of the few cities that does not have a ban on marijuana dispensaries. we're just a couple blocks from where lynnette shaw opened her place back in 1997. six months after californians
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t use act. lynnette shaw and her entourage were all smiles as they walked out of federal court this morning. >> the questions of the judge asking the government's lawyer, they couldn't answer properly. so i think we have a good chance. >> reporter: the questions judge charles breyer had for the government centered around last december's appropriations bill. congress passed a law that forbid the justice department from using federal funds to stop states from implementing medical marijuana laws. >> as they say on the record of the floor, enough is enough of wasting federal funds. >> reporter: so 13 years after he granted the injunction that went all the way to the supreme court, judge bre+ is now considering shaw's request to allow her to reopen. and end what she believes is a government retaliation against her for being the first to open a dispensary. >> i'm the only licensed dispensary owner in the nation that is barred for life from working in the industry that i
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helped create. >> reporter: shaw says the mayor of fairfax is asking that her injunction be lifted and folks we talked to seemed supportive. >> i think it's fine. she should still be here. it's ridiculous and her punishment is ridiculous. >> i don't want to be the mcdonald's of marijuana. i just want my job back to take care of my family. >> reporter: the judge listened to the arguments.x most questions directed at the government's attorneys, asking them to explain their positionûk
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nbc bay area'sçfñkv/>újñ robert joins us to show how the drought battle is going. robert. >> reporter: well, that's right. we are in front of a waterdm fountain that the city of santa clara shut down, because of the it since the city actually rang it technically last in the water you'll see whether positive or negative, it can be misleading. it's rare to see fountains spurting water these days. the water distr9eúq plea and demand for more conservation with a target of 30%. today water district officials breathed a sigh of relief at the summer figures, we showed consistent high numbers for major city retailers with morgan hill topping july water savers
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with 42%. water district board chair gary cremin credited the strict enforcement on outdoor use. >> outdoor landscaping. when people cut down on that, it really helps preserve our reservoirs, because people are we have no idea. long-time morgan hill homeowner pete smith says it can be tough having a brown patch in front of his nice house. but says it's worth it and points out a high conservation number can't beqññmk reached w other water-cutting measures. >> morgan hilltops the list of conserving. >> that's very good. good to hear that. >> reporter: does it surprise you? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> it just is -- to save water is it tough to do, and some communities resist it. >> reporter: santa clara mayor jamie matthews points out the city's low mark is mainly because of a commitment to recycling water. >> the city of santa clara is way ahead of many others in the use of recycled watervñ?ñ in fact, 20% of all the water that we use is recycled from the
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water pollution control plant for irrigation. >> reporter: and matthews points out santa clara won a national retailer award for its recycled water program. bñ more behind the conservation numbers and the enforcement power the water district has to possibly force live in santa clara, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, robert. still ahead, controversy on campus. a new security upgrade at uc find out what some say is sending the wrong message. plus -- >> football season starts this weekend at levi's stadium, and the preparations are under way. i'm michelle roberts. coming up, the changes this year and what you need to know before you come. and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we'll have the forecast for the 49ers game. but now it's about the fog rolling into san francisco. woodside. we'll let you know who will be the sunniest this saturday and sunday, coming up in your forecast in a few minutes. then at 6:00, nearly a year after the napa earthquake, a lot
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of work still needs to be done. v&rt talking about earthquake people, it's as though it happened last night. >> we look at the rebuilding, that's new at 6:00. thoundof oplax
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thousands of people expected to attend a public memorial for maionhatas useu-cbeeles cnceors
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so they have decided to put up a fence, as you can see, all around the mansion. but not everyone is happy about it. >> if we think about it, our home is like the place where we need to feel safe and secure.
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>> reporter: but uc berkeley officials say chancellor nicholas diercks and his family had every reason not to feel safe inside their on-campus home. >> there's been an attempted forced entry, at least two individuals who have gained unpermitted access. >> reporter: what they did to this housg6nd was an act of a terrorist. kcal's he wife ofcp previous chancellor, who back in 2009 shared her concerns with us after protesters armed with torches launched what she described as a mob attack on the house, while she was inside. >> we asked the police department to do a security assessment, and the fence is going up on the bases of their recommendation. >> reporter: so the university has put up a temporary wire fence around the púíkñ104-year- mansion, as they work on permanent fencing. forcing students to take other routes to class and leaving student activists steaming. >> he's on one side and students and workers on the other side. >> reporter: she and her friends brought their concerns about
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workers to the chancellor's doorstep in april. but claims they had every reason to. >> we've tried to talk to him. we've tried to set up meetings for a year and he's never come and talked to us. >> reporter: we're back here live now. in addition to the fencing, the university also has a security guard on duty. the university points out that this is not being paid for with campus funds. the money is actually coming out of the university's insurance plan. we are told that the permanent fence should be up in.kb a cou of months. reporting live at uc berkeley, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a last-second hail mary or legitimate plan to keep the raiders in oakland? a businessman is shedding light on his plan to build the team a new stadium. floyd kept hart met a deadline today to explain how he would deliver on a major development project that would include a new stadium for the raiders. res for the city of oakland, the raiders and the coliseum authority will meet
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if his plan is rejected, as many experts believe it will be, oakland can pursue other options. mark davis has told the city it has until the end of the year to find a solution. the team is also listening to offers to move back to the l.a. area. okay. are you ready? the countdown to preseason football has begun. the 49ers play the dallas cowboys at levi's stadium sunday. local businesses are welcoming the crowds, but neighbors say, oh, they are not ready for another season. nbc bay area's michelle roberts joins us live from outside the stadium with preparations before sunday's game, and hopefully a better game plan for parking. >> reporter: that's right. i like how you sighed. so many people around here are nervous it's going to be a headache. this place will be completely weekend. so many people remember what happened last year, which was all those traffic headaches. they have been working on the problem all last season and they think they're ready. fried chicken and waffles are on the menu at butter and zeus,
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just a couple blocks away from levi's stadium. day. >> reporter: assistant manager thomas doughan says the first few games last year -- >> it was chaotic. >> reporter: this was the scene last year for the first game. thousands of drivers stuck in traffic, and many fans were frustrated by delayed vta trains. >> when we started out,vó didn't really know what to expect. >> reporter: stacy hendler-ross says trains will be added for direct service to levi's stadium, as well as more express buses. >> we won't be selling fares at the stadium anymore. so people need to get their round-trip fares before they go to the games. >> reporter: while fans get ready to pack into levi's stadium, not everyone in the neighborhood is ready for another football season. >> this sucks. >> reporter: maria rodriguez is navigating through traffic to get home on game days, and it can be a huge headache. >> it gets crazy. >> reporter: but crazy can be good for business. >> we usually do four times what we usually do on a regular day.
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>> reporter: there are some changes this year. there will be more lanes available to leave the parking lot, and there will also be opening up some side roads to ease congestion. getting to the highways, it should be a good game and hopefully a win. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> hopefully that works because getting out of the parking lots, it's the worst part of the night. >> yes, it is. let's check the forecast for sunday. here is chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> i thought[añ would give a little preview if you're headed out to levi's stadium for tailgating. we have 83 degrees, and sunny skies. again, kickoff at 5:00 p.m. we'll have more on the full foreca forecast coming up. outside on the sky camera network, beautiful across the bay area. south bay checkingámññ in at 79. thick fog rolling back in the peninsula. sunny skies in the east bay, and 79 degrees. and look at the north bay here from our weather underground camera. you can see the fog is beginning to roll back in. we still have ten-mile visibility for a lot in marin,
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napa and sonoma counties. in the next hour, you'll be fogged in throughout tiburon. let's take you into the morning forecast and the marine layer up against the coastline. you guessed it. we've got that fog coming back ì% morning. thick clouds in san francisco, possibly some isolated drizzle. ñ see these low clouds return,zu south bay and 58 degrees. we have been tracking this fire danger across the west now for months on end. and you can still see the worst fire danger here is located ì% idaho, montana, also down into colorado. now for us this weekend, we do have a region of high pressure building in. that will help to warm temperatures up. but i don't think it's going to get hot enough or windy enough for any kind of fire warnings as it's just going to be slight warming at this time. but definitely something to continue to watch. the best news we have right now is that fog once again building at the coastline at 7:30 in the morning. that will produce drizzle back here to contra costa and alameda
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counties and at the immediate coastline. doesn't look extremely cloudy in san jose but definitely patchy clouds to start. when we get the sun beginning to push out by 11:00 a.m., and then for the afternoon, you can see the futurecast clears us out to sunny skies across the bay area. and if you're headed to the coastline, remember to bring that jacket with you as the fog will stay put. let's get you into the microclimate forecast as we head throughout saturday, and here's that beautiful weather we've been talking about. san jose expecting 84 degrees. morgan hill, 87. for the peninsula, awesome dayí in palo alto. 80 degrees. redwood city about 82 degrees. back towards pacifica, cool and 67. you can see where the ocean influence is, tekc ieu%uju cooler. san francisco will have that with 60s across the board from the marina back into the mission. and for the north bay, east bay and also for the tri valley, great weather if you're here visiting into wine country. napa and sonoma in the low 80s. right across the east bay, 74 in oakland. you get away from the ocean breeze, 85 expected in walnut
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creek. as we head throughout sunday's forecast, slight fluctuations and the temperatures nothinãdb major. and then we go hotter as we head into monday. now if you're one of the lucky ones, again, headed out to the 49ers game on sunday, at levi's stadium, yes, we've got a f1 o looks like a touchdown. check this out for the 49ers. 81 at kickoff, 71 throughout halftime and 67 right throughout the fourth quarter. i think it's pretty good considering what we had last weekend. could you imagine a game withbv triple digit temperatures? >> in that heat, terrible. >> yes. >> thanks, jeff. >> sure. still to começods worries o baby wipes. why some parents say a company's popular product could do more harm than good. and fixing a smelly situation. the makeover bar passengers will be happy to hear.
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a warning tonight for people visiting the russian river. health officials in sonoma county say small amounts of have e ey found in the water. h dple could experience eye, hete, mouth and skin irritation. vomiting and even :=ñseizures. health officials also warn roople not to eat fish caught gere until it's thoroughly cleaned and the guts and liver
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rie removed. warning signs along the river went up today. huggies is responding to a youtube video in which a woman claims a package of baby wipes glass shards. in the video, she appears to show what look like reflective bits in a huggy's wipe. aher angry parents followed and osdt on social media posting their own videos, photos and ccing similar claims. --din"nolas issa statement seriously adding quote, no glass is used in the manufacture of its wipes. the company says it is0í)áñ inv comments from parents. b.a.r.t. passengers will loon get a cleaner, more comfortable ride on the transit agency's elevators. on monday, crews will start cleaning and replacing the floors and all of the elevators e ab.a.r.t. stations and parking garages. the makeovers prompted by the realization that the building materials in the elevator cars so orb liquids and odors. it's not only unpleasant, it's ilbentially damaging to some of dhe mechanics under the floor.
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the work will be done in stages ayd should wrap-up at the end of oext year. up next, a bay area officer who proves he has all the right moves.$= [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train,
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teht tech stocks took a hit in
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today's massive market drop, but the economy in silicon valley is booming. and one field is leading the way. we'll tell which it is. that's tonight at 6:00. the new samsung phones are in stores today and the company has a special offer for current iphone users. for $1, sam one of its new 7;fdevices, including the@= galaxy s6p!'b e with full cellular service for 30 days. the company callshsqéñ the prom the ultimate test drive. anyone interested must sign up on the samsung website using an iphone, though. a baby boom at a giant panda research center in southwest china. >> oh. >> ten panda cubs met for the ss incubators. the center has seen 21 births this year, on pace to break the previous record of 24 pandas born in 2014. this year's boom includes seven sets of twins. >> all you want to do is lie down between the pandas and roll
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around with them. they are so #ocute. look at that one? >> oh. >> something else pretty neat. we have video of a break dancing battle going on. it's going viral, because the unlikely winner is a san francisco police officer. >> woo! >> he's good. officer joe marte brushed off his skills at the medical center. he was challenged by this 5-year-old cancer patient from brentwood. colten was diagnosed in february with stage 4 neuro blastoma. officer joe stopped by forá.(i visit but had to shed some of his police gear before busting a move. wow, what a be6áñsurprise. this guy has got moves! >> we've got to get him on "america's got talent." >> he's got to take off the belt too. >> oh. >> there you go! >> there he goes. >> busting a move. >> yeah. >> so great for the kids today. how fun, right? >> it is, absolutely. for him to stopíz there. thanks for joining us. we hope to see you back here at 6:00. >> i hope to see the pandas back atdyu< 6:00 too.
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see you then. goodnight. breaking news tonight. a gunman armed with an assault rifle opens fire on passengers on a high-speed train to paris. a dramatic takedown by americans on board. a u.s. military service member among the wounded. also a major freefall on wall street. stocks plunge 500 points. over 1,000 in a week. fears of a global economic slowdown triggering the worst sell-off in years. state of emergency. a deadly fire disaster growing rapidly tonight as we learn about the young firefighters lost on the front line. and the crowd goes wild for donald trump. tens of thousands expected tonight. so many people they had to move the event to a football stadium. "nightly news" begins right now.


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